ILS Bravo
Software Program


Lessons for catch-up and revision.

Live Stream

Lessons over the internet to absent / home schooled / off-site learners.

Classroom Ready

Record and/or live stream regular school lessons with or without cameras.

Lessons can be saved and
accessed in an open network
giving learners a comprehensive
revision resource.
Teachers can record
electronic lessons and store
them on the classroom PC.

Record Lessons &/or
Live Stream Lessons Over The Internet


When subscribed to the ILS Alpha software package

Frequently asked questions

The ILS Bravo software program is a stand-alone tool which is installed onto a classroom computer. It enables teachers to both record and/or live-stream school lessons over the internet.

record lessons

When recording a lesson, a video file is saved to the classroom computer. The teacher can then share these video files over the school intranet or the internet with learners.

When live streaming, a lesson is streamed over the internet from the classroom computer. Learners can then view said lesson from anywhere with an internet connection.

Bravo can help learners to catch up on missed lessons, as well as use stored videos as a revision resource.

Bravo is included for free when you subscribe to the ILS Alpha package. 

Bravo empowers teachers to record and/or livestream lessons at the press of a button.

Bravo can be used with or without cameras / video recording equipment, depending on your requirements. Videos are stored on the classroom PC so teachers have full control of how to distribute lessons.

When live streaming over the internet, schools have the choice of using any secure third party service.

The Bravo program was designed and developed by our CEO Simon Garvey while he was studying at university. It is designed to enrich the ILS Alpha package.

The ILS Bravo software program is a Windows platform application. Contact Us