ILS Alpha


While teaching a class, effortlessly stream PowerPoint, video, web browsers, interactive whiteboards, third party apps and the teachers voice. Emails containing login links or codes are not required.


The ILS Alpha package streams lessons exclusively over the secure school network (not over the internet). It cannot collect usage data. It cannot be hacked. It cannot be spied upon.

Windows 10 Ready

The ILS Alpha package is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 devices. It works seamlessly on your existing classroom computers and school network.

Learners who are removed or
absent from the classroom
are now an active part of the
regular lesson.
The classroom teacher can guide
real-time learning, both inside &
outside the classroom
simultaneously, using electronic
presentations, voice and instant

Stream Live Lessons Over The School
Local Area Network

Fully independent learners are
under the direct control of the
teacher, who can change access
to electronic resources at any
Teachers have new options
when planning lessons.
Individual learner access to
teaching materials and the
internet is controlled entirely
by the teacher.

Control Access To Teaching Materials
& Internet Browsers

Every individual learner has the
freedom to work effectively
within an environment which
meets their needs.
Teachers can make short or
long term provision for learners
who require personalised SEND
support within a classroom

Differentiate For
Special Educational Needs

Learners benefit from a
fully mobile teacher who is
unencumbered using our
Through a teacher tablet voice
is captured, electronic media is
controlled and messages are 
exchanged with learners outside
the classroom.

Have The Option Of Teaching
With iPads

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Frequently asked questions

The ILS Alpha software package is a three-part product consisting of a teacher app (server), a learner app (client) and an iPad app (optional peripheral). All three systems are connected over an existing school network – a Local Area Network (LAN) using peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture.

stream classroom lessonsOur teacher app is installed onto a classroom based PC or laptop. Our learner app is installed onto a school PC / laptop / netbook / laplet. Our iPad app is installed onto a school iPad.
A conventional classroom lesson is streamed over the school network from the teachers computer. Learners can then access said lesson from anywhere within the school – without the need for login links or codes. 
While other online based solutions are designed primarily for business, ILS Alpha makes it effortless for teachers to stream the lesson being delivered to a class. A quick demonstration will enable you to understand how far reaching Alpha can be for your school.

Yes. While by default learners can access lessons automatically, teachers also have the option to deny access.

Yes, Alpha’s inbuilt LAN messenger will enable teachers and learners to communicate in real-time.

ILS Alpha empowers teachers to control access to teaching materials, as well as the internet. This enables a command style lesson, switching to independent learning at the press of a button. Individual or whole class privileges can be granted or denied at any time.

With ILS Alpha, webcams are optional.

ILS Alpha is designed to be installed onto the classroom computer running the interactive whiteboard. If a microphone is not available, our optional iPad app can control the teacher app while also streaming voice.

Due to its unique architecture, ILS Alpha streams in 1080p clarity. Video is streamed flawlessly at 1080p, 24fps.

Our quotations are based on a number of factors. Typically, each of our software packages or individual programs retail at 3-5 Pupil Premiums per annum. We are confident that at this low price your school can save tens of thousands of pounds every year by bringing more alternative provision in-house.

When using Alpha a teacher opens up any electronic lesson resource (such as a PowerPoint) using our interfaces. They then teach as they normally would. Remote learners can select a live lesson and access it automatically.

Alpha streams lessons exclusively over the secure school network. At no stage do live lessons leave the school premises.

Cameras or video recording equipment are optional. With ILS Alpha, no images of teachers, pupils or the wider classroom environment leave the school.

The ILS Alpha package was designed and developed by our CEO Simon Garvey while he was studying at university.

The ILS Alpha software package is a Windows platform application. Contact Us