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with wide-ranging teaching and business experience
    Simon Garvey (Qts)

    A teacher with over 6 years experience in primary and secondary schools, Simon completed a four year teaching degree where he developed an interest in using ICT (both inside and outside the classroom) in innovative ways. Outside of work Simon is a keen cricketer for his local village team.

    Simon Garvey (Qts)
    CEO & CTO
    Damien Garvey

    A businessman with EAL teaching experience, Damien entered the world of big business straight after graduating from university. Outside of work Damien plays amateur sports around Europe.

    Damien Garvey
    Mike Garvey (Qts)

    A teacher with over 30 years experience in private and grammar schools, Mike taught the unusual mix of PE and Classical Civilisation. He has gained national awards for the exam results his pupils have achieved. Outside of work Mike enjoys painting and fly fishing.

    Mike Garvey (Qts)

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